The Menner Guided Reading Program

Deluxe Platinum


Deluxe Platinum Program For Advanced Teacher Training

This limited edition, tailor-made program is the ultimate whole school professional development in teaching reading. It combines online training, in-school demonstrations and ongoing webinars for effective and rapid change in how your staff teach reading.

We cover the full range of training options including:

  • Face to face workshops
  • In school demonstrations
  • Online training



  • Whole school one day Guided Reading Workshop
  • One day Literature Circle Demonstration Day for fluent readers
  • Four-day Guided Reading Demonstration Days
  • Culminative Leadership Meetings after the Face-to-Face training
  • Reading Resource Analysis and Recommendations
  • Whole school online training to ensure your staff are teaching reading consistently across the school
  • Self-paced online learning that can be done individually or in teams
  • Ongoing for teachers support through Regular ‘Ask me anything?’ Webinars
  • Ongoing Teacher support through a Facebook support group
  • Ongoing support for leadership through three monthly online review meetings
  • A step by step process for teachers to implement shared reading, guided reading, assessment and learning centres
  • Bite size training to fit into teachers’ busy schedules
  • Reading strategies explained in an understandable manner
  • Video demonstration lessons of reading strategies that teachers can watch with students
  • Lesson plans to easily implement training
  • A structure for planning and teaching that is ongoing and easily implemented
  • Certificate of 11 hours of professional development


  • A successful and consistent reading program taught across your whole school
  • Massive, rapid change in teaching reading in your school
  • Increased reading outcomes for all students
  • Improved student behaviour because students are successful and engaged
  • Imagine parents happy with the reading program their child is involved in
  • Envisage guided reading lessons where reading strategies are explicitly taught
  • Envisage staff working collegially teaching reading
  • Picture teachers excited about teaching reading
  • Picture teachers having time for deep and ongoing professional development
  • Picture having more time for yourself, family and friends because your whole school reading program is not draining all your time and energy

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