The Menner Guided Reading Program

Silver Teacher Program

Silver Advanced Teacher Training Program

This practical, online training course shows teachers how to deliberately and effectively teach reading. Video Demonstration Lessons make teaching reading easier than it has ever been.

Online Training Includes:

  • Reading & comprehension strategies
  • Phonics & Grammar
  • Grouping for guided reading and learning centres
  • Learning Centres: Ideas for the rest of the class during guided reading
  • Reading Assessment to inform guided reading
  • An array of video demonstration lessons
  • Guided Reading:  Planning a lesson, key elements, demonstration lessons, avoiding ‘Round Robin Reading’


  • A step by step process to implement shared reading, guided reading, assessment and learning centres
  • Bite-size training to fit in your busy schedule
  • Reading strategies explained in an understandable manner
  • Demonstration  video lessons of reading strategies that you can watch with your class
  • Lesson plans so you can easily implement training
  • A structure for planning and teaching that is ongoing and easily implemented
  • Demonstration video lessons of guided reading, running records and learning centres
  • Certificate of 11 hours of professional development


  • Imagine that feeling of total control of your reading program because you have a step by step process to follow and a deep understanding of teaching reading strategies, assessment and guided reading
  • Imagine how successful you will feel as your student’s reading outcomes improve
  • Imagine how your students will feel as they become successful readers
  • Envisage your confidence as you talk to parents about their child’s reading
  • Envisage your pride when your principal compliments you on the progress your students are making
  • Envisage yourself having more time for yourself and spending less time on marking
  • Visualise your confidence grow as your guided reading lessons work so well
  • Visualise how energised you will feel each night because your student’s behaviour issues have lessened
  • Visualise restful nights of sleep because you are not worrying about struggling readers in your class
  • Picture your class working independently in learning centres and not interrupting your guided reading lesson
  • Picture yourself having fun and feeling confident teaching reading

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