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What do we do?

We provide both online and face to face professional development in literacy for K-6 teachers. Our training on guided reading, writing and spelling has transformed teacher practice and improved student reading and writing outcomes. Our training is fun, practical and embedded in proven theory. We also provide resources to support the implementation of the strategies we teach.


I’m Margaret Menner

I have worked in education for over 36 years, throughout Australia, USA and Asia. I am an experienced primary teacher and an early intervention specialist. I have consulted in literacy education for 20+years and love helping teachers change practice.

I am down to earth and practical. I believe, both teachers and students, can have fun while improving student outcomes in reading and writing. Through my training, teachers develop a joy in teaching literacy and students become lifelong readers and writers.

Teaching Is Our Superpower

Welcome To The Menner Guided Reading Program

Is everyone doing something different in reading at your school? Are you looking for a consistent, whole school approach to teaching reading? Do you want to set targets in your school improvement plan that you actually reach? Do you want to spend less time at school and more time enjoying life? The Menner Guided Reading Program will solve all these problems. I help schools develop a whole school approach to guided reading to enable teachers to confidently and explicitly teach reading strategies so that students can be successful, lifelong, readers.

Teachers learn how to differentiate their teaching through guided reading, they discover how to explicitly teach reading strategies and they extend readers through literature circles. Teachers use assessment to inform teaching and discover how to incorporate phonics and grammar in reading.

The program has three options. There is the Deluxe Platinum Program that is only available to a limited number of schools as it is tailored to individual schools. This includes Face -to -Face training and workshops, classroom demonstrations, online training, and ongoing support. The Gold Program provides online training for schools with regular webinars to provide ongoing support. The Silver Teacher Program is an online training program for individual teachers. These programs really dot the i’s and cross the t’s when it comes to teaching reading. The advice is practical, achievable, and explained in an understandable manner. The checklists, roadmaps, and lesson plans are designed to make implementation easy.

By the way, has anyone ever explained to you that some studies suggest that humans forget 50% of new information in one hour and 70% within 24 hours? To ensure the new information sticks, it needs to meaningful, spaced over time, scaffolded, explained clearly, and include practical activities that consolidate learning into long-term memory. The research shows that 90% of new information is retained when learners use it immediately.

That’s why my program includes ‘Ask me anything webinars’, demonstration lessons, next steps to take after each lesson and the opportunity to go back and watch lessons again, to reinforce learning.

Imagine the feeling in 12 months when you know you’ve not only got the reading program sorted for your students and staff, which freed up your overpacked schedule… but your reading results have improved, and you get kudos for your initiative?

If you would like to chat to me about your school reading program and how you can improve your reading results book a consult call now.

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Teachers, are you interested in improving how you teach reading and feeling confident and capable with your reading program?

Principals, do you want to upskill your teachers and their reading program? Do you need to improve the reading outcomes of your students?

Check out our combination of online training and in school demonstrations.

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Do you want to make teaching easier and spend more time with friends and family. All the hard work is done for you. Browse our resources to find practical and fun resources.


"...We've maintained high academic standards for our guided reading..."

“Margaret Menner has helped us provide the confidence to teachers to actually do effective guided reading in the classrooms.”

Janine Kinnenment

"Margaret is a fountain of knowledge..."

Margaret is a fountain of knowledge on all topics and never falters with an answer. She runs fast and furious training sessions that are peppered with humour. Her energy and enthusiasm maintains attention and arouses interest. The modelling sessions floored people. One writing lesson in a primary class saw a child who hasn’t written anything for years, write. Not only did he write, he wanted to remain behind in the classroom to finish his work.

Rachel Black
Assistant Principal
South Australia

"Margaret’s presentation style is thought provoking and inspiring"

Our school was looking for greater coherence with Guided Reading practices for all year levels across the school and as a result of Margaret Menner’s training, staff now share their Guided Reading materials and there is a greater consistency in Guided Reading sessions for all classrooms.

Margaret’s presentation style is thought-provoking and inspiring, even for staff who have high levels of experience and expertise. Her training was extremely well received by our staff, helped develop collegiality and has had a direct impact on student learning outcomes.

Graeme Fenton
South Australia

" ...She was so real and reinforced..."


“I love the fact the she was so real and reinforced that it doesn’t matter what, as teachers, we had been doing in the past.. It really is about what we start doing now to help our students grow in their learning.”

Renae Petrie

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