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Deluxe Platinum Program For Advanced Teacher Training

Deluxe Platinum Program

This limited edition, tailor-made program is the ultimate whole school professional development in teaching reading. It combines online training, in-school demonstrations and ongoing webinars for effective and rapid change in how your staff teach reading.

Gold Advanced Teacher Training Program

Gold School Program

This virtual reading program provides a whole school approach to teaching reading. Regular webinars and a Facebook group provide ongoing support. Video lessons show teachers ‘how to’ deliver lessons.

Silver Advanced Teacher Training Program

Silver Teacher Program

This practical ,online training course shows teachers how to deliberately and effectively teach reading. Video Demonstration Lessons make teaching reading easier than it has ever been.

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Book 1 Learning Centres to Support Guided Reading Cover page

Learning Centres to Support Guided Reading (Book 1)

All the hard work is done for you! This book is full of ideas for what to do with the rest of the class while you teach guided reading.

More Learning Centres to Support Guided Reading (Book 2)

This book is designed to complement book 1 by giving you even more ideas for learning centres to support your guided reading program and save you time.

Activities to Motivate Your Students to Write (Book 3)

Do you want your class begging for writing time. This book is full of fun ideas to motivate and excite children about writing.

Learning to Read: How Parents Can Improve Children’s Reading

This downloadable DVD is full of tips and strategies to help parents assist their child with reading.

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